France is the president of the Council of the European Union (PFUE) until June 30, 2022. While launching this presidency before the European Parliament on January 19, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, announced that abortion should be included in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The danger is real: the pro-abortion lobby, all-powerful in France, wants to use the PFUE to serve its ideological agenda. Mr. Clément Beaune, the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, has already spoken out in favour of initiatives that will contribute to making abortion a founding value of Europe.

In this context, ONE OF US could not remain silent or inactive. We, supporters of ONE OF US, (The most successful European Citizens’ Initiative with nearly 1.9 million signatures), we must once again make the voice of life heard in Europe.

Every citizen aware of the dignity of every human being, from conception, must mobilize with us, in every EU country. We have launched a debate on the platform of the Conference for the Future of Europe (A participatory democracy tool created for the PFUE) whose conclusions are announced in the spring of 2022. Everyone is invited to approve our declaration « Protecting vulnerable human life: a value of Europe” posted on the platform.

The mobilization will grow until the end of the PFUE: everyone is invited to follow us on social medai and to retweet our posts.

In order to extend our mobilization, cards are made available to raise awareness and reach out to network, friends, families, colleagues.

Together let’s build a network of awakened consciences to face the ideological blows, a network of citizens determined to defend the dignity of the youngest human beings, a network mobilized to protect all fragile life. For a really humane Europe.


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